Calvert Partnership

Several years ago, our church formed a partnership with three other churches in the North Hills to keep the community service of Calvert Memorial Presbyterian Church in Etna alive. Calvert’s budget was below a thousand dollars and the future was uncertain. Since that time, with the help of the partnership, Calvert Church has not only continued to keep those outreach programs alive, but has added to them.

Tor Voller is serving as their student minister. Tor and Eve Schaefer work with the children of the church in five different programs. They continue to grow these programs with enthusiasm. Shirley Voller serves as clerk, secretary, and anything else that needs doing.

Take a look at some of the programs that Calvert does with hard work, perseverance, and help from you:

Church Programs:
Sunday worship
Sunday School
Bible Study
Sunday Evening Teen Group
Drama Club
Monday Kids Klub
Vacation Bible School
Sending 5 campers to Camp Crestfield
Community Programs:
Bread of Life Food Pantry
NA and AA
Daisies (future Girl Scouts)

The members of Calvert have worked very hard to keep these programs. They are grateful for the help from the partnership churches. However, they strive to help themselves. They have held spaghetti dinners, breakfast with Santa and sold Tupperware and candles to help their budget.

Thank you for your monetary support, craft items, physical help with painting, etc. and the meals for Kids Klub. I ask for your continued support of this mission.

If you have any questions about the partnership or ways you can get involved, please give me a call at 412-576-8508 or drop me an e-mail.

Yours in Christ,
Karen Tabor