Boards and Committees


Sherry Martin
Ann Carlson
Betty Miller
Bruce Raines
Debra Vita
Alain Richardson
April Klein
Chick Pfeiffer
Brian Helfferich
Alan Cridge
Mark Held
Donna Walker

The members of this elected board are responsible for overseeing, guiding, and directing the ministries, programs, and mission of the church.


Frankie Cantafio
Iris Douglas
Donna Repic
Judy Stauffer
Cindy Bock
Beth Nickel
Kip Fowler
Kathy Poole
Diana Long
Kathy Luft
Laura Davidson
Myron McGoun

The members of this elected board are charged with ministering to the sick, those who are in need, the friendless, and to anyone who may be in distress.


Betty Miller, chair
Doug Orr

The communication ministry works to share the story of our church – its ministries, programs, opportunities, people, and faith – with our members and the greater community through creative communication techniques and marketing tools.

Adult Spirituality

Deb Vita, chair
Mark Held

The adult spirituality team works to provide GPC members and visitors with classes that study God’s Word and help us learn how to live out our faith.


Bruce Raines, assistant treasurer and chair
Tom Tabor, treasurer
Lois Cridge
Barry Hackett
David Weber

The finance ministry works with the church’s treasurer, and business manager and session committees to manage the financial affairs of the church.

It is responsible for developing the annual operating budget, producing monthly financial reports, maintaining the church’s financial policies and procedures, reviewing and authorizing major expenditures, overseeing the GPC trust funds (in concert with the designated trustees), and coordinating the annual audit.

Mission and Outreach

Duane McDonough
Steve Hills
Jane Hackett
Tom Quigley
Sherry Martin, chair

The mission and outreach ministry plans and oversees the annual mission budget and provides information for local and national mission opportunities.

Music and Worship

Ann Carlson, chair
Alan Cridge
Peggy Ziegler
Laura Davidson
Jane Hackett
Corinne Adkins

The music and worship committee works to provide an environment that will enhance the worship experiences of our congregation.

Early Learning Center

Donna Walker, chair
April Klein
Barb Guffey
Lois Cridge
Tom Tabor
Clarence Holden

The Early Learning Center committee provides guidance and support to the GPC Early Learning Center.

Personnel and Administration

Danielle Weber
Bruce Raines
Peggy Ziegler
Alain Richardson, chair

The personnel and administration committee provides policies, guidance, and support to the staffing and general administration of GPC.

Responsibilities include maintaining job descriptions and personnel policies for the church, conducting regular performance and salary reviews, and working to fill any non-ordained staff vacancies.


Henry Long
Ray Hack
Jim Dunmire
Clarence Holden
Chick Pfeiffer, chair
Frank Maksin

The properties ministry works to ensure that all church buildings, grounds, and equipment are maintained in good working order.

It also oversees the church’s custodial staff and administers the use of church buildings by community organizations.


Brian Helfferich, chair

The stewardship committee works on our annual stewardship campaign and on promoting our other giving programs.