Boards and Committees


  • Sherry Martin, Clerk of Session
  • Betty Miller
  • Alain Richardson
  • April Klein
  • Chick Pfeiffer
  • Brian Helfferich
  • Alan Cridge
  • Mark Held
  • Donna Walker
  • Tom Tabor
  • Ray Hack
  • Carla Berg

The members of this elected board are responsible for overseeing, guiding, and directing the ministries, programs, and mission of the church.


  • Frankie Cantafio
  • Iris Douglas
  • Beth Nickel
  • Kip Fowler
  • Kathy Poole
  • Diana Long
  • Kathy Luft
  • Laura Davidson
  • Myron McGoun
  • Anne Orr
  • Darlene Hills
  • Keith Zahniser

The members of this elected board are charged with ministering to the sick, those who are in need, the friendless, and to anyone who may be in distress.


  • Betty Miller, chair
  • Carla Berg
  • Doug Orr

This committee works to share the story of our church – its ministries, programs, opportunities, people, and faith – with our members and the greater community through creative communication techniques and marketing tools.


  • Mark Held, co-chair
  • Carla Berg, co-chair
  • Deb Vita
  • Bob Crynack

This committee focuses its efforts in 2 areas:

  1. Children & Family: to nurture spiritual growth in a loving, caring Christ-centered environment, and to build a supportive learning community guided by God’s love as expressed in the Gospel message.
  2. Adult Spirituality: to explore Christ-centered messages of God’s grace, nurturing a climate of spiritual growth which will lead us and others into a transforming relationship with God.

Finance & Stewardship

  • Tom Tabor, co-chair
  • Brian Helfferich, co-chair
  • Bruce Raines
  • Lois Cridge
  • Barry Hackett
  • David Weber

This committee oversees and manages the process for developing the annual budget, monitors income, expenses, and cash flow throughout the year, and plans and conducts annual stewardship
campaigns to generate funds for church operations and mission projects.

Mission & Outreach

  • Sherry Martin, chair
  • Larry Bock
  • Jane Hackett
  • Tom Quigley

This committee plans and oversees the annual Mission and Outreach budget. Many members of GPC volunteer at various programs that are supported through this budget — The Neighborhood Table, the Bread of Life Food Pantry, Sharpsburg Roots of Faith Circle, Harmarville Get Go Express excess food pick-up, and many more.

Music & Worship

  • Peggy Ziegler, co-chair
  • Deb Vita, co-chair
  • Alan Cridge
  • Laura Davidson
  • Jane Hackett
  • Corinne Adkins

This committee oversees all of the worship services and the entire music program, and aims to make the worship experiences meaningful for everyone in the congregation.

Early Learning Center Board

  • Donna Walker, co-chair
  • April Klein, co-chair
  • Fawn Pignoli, director
  • Lois Cridge
  • Clarence Holden
  • Pastor Emily Cooper

This board works to provide safe nurturing care for the children of our community through the GPC Early Learning Center. It utilizes the space in the Christian Education building and operates 5 days a week. It is a state-approved child care center and has a Keystone Stars rating. A before school program, afterschool program, and a summer program provide a safe haven for school-age students.


  • Alain Richardson, chair
  • Danielle Weber
  • Bruce Raines
  • Peggy Ziegler
  • Pastor Emily Cooper

This committee creates and maintains a healthy work environment in order for the ministry of GPC to be supported, and for the staff to be supported in their areas of responsibility.


  • Chick Pfeiffer, chair
  • Frank Maksin, property manager
  • Henry Long
  • Ray Hack
  • Jim Dunmire
  • Clarence Holden

This committee is responsible for maintaining and improving the church building, Early Learning Center building and the church grounds within an approved budget. It also works with and addresses, where possible, staff needs that fall within Properties’ responsibilities.


  • Steve Hills
  • Deb Vita
  • Karen Tabor

This committee works to recruit qualified candidates for our elected boards — Session and Deacons.


  • Diana Long
  • Betty Miller
  • Jane Hackett

This committee welcomes new people into the life of this church, helps them to discern if GPC is where God is calling them to become new members, and encourages them to grow in their faith journey
and glorify God by sharing their skills, talents, and interests with their church family, the community, and the world.

Church Life

  • Ray Hack, chair

This new committee will plan activities or events for congregants and/or the community to be an all-inclusive way to be involved with others in Christ. Ray is looking for suggestions from the congregation on activities for the congregants or community you would like to recommend and participate in.