Meals Ministry

How a GPC outreach ministry helps to support over 70 clients in our local community five days a week with nutritious, well-balanced meals.

The Elfinwild Home Meals Ministry is an independent ministry of the Elfinwild Presbyterian Church. This Meals Ministry ensures that meals are prepared and delivered and available each day, except for a few major holidays. The Meals Ministry serves over 70 clients each day with nutritious, well-balanced meals.

There is no financial need or other type of eligibility rule required for an individual to receive meals through this Ministry. Some clients receive meals for a short period of time while recovering from an illness or injury. Others receive meals on an ongoing basis. For a small fee, clients receive one hot meal and one cold bagged meal each day. Meals are delivered 5 days a week. Special meals are prepared for those with various dietary requirements.

Often the volunteer is the only contact some clients have on a daily basis. Through these meals, clients not only receive proper nutrition, they also interact with the delivery volunteer.

The Meals Ministry is self-sustaining with income from the clients as well as donations from the Elfinwild congregation, members of the community, and many community and school district service groups. The donations received are used for the day-to-day operating expenses for food purchases, salaries and equipment upkeep and repair.

GPC has supported the Elfinwild Home Meals Ministry for many years with annual contributions from the Mission Budget.

This new Meals Ministry for GPC will help provide food to over 70 clients each day in our local community with nutritious, well-balanced meals.

How this new outreach ministry started
This new outreach ministry started when we contacted the Giant Eagle Express in Harmarville to purchase food for our monthly Neighborhood Table dinner the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Roots of Faith Ministry in Sharpsburg. As we were finalizing menus for our dinners, Giant Eagle asked if we could make good use of their unused food that they had to throw away every day because no one was picking it up.

We agreed and, from there, this new outreach ministry took off.

The amount of donated food was a lot!
Giant Eagle said that they could donate about $3,000 worth of bread and bakery foods per month and $250 of unused frozen meat each week. We then contacted the Elfinwild Home Meals Ministry and they were delighted to receive the food we pick up.

How we get the food from Giant Eagle Express to the Elfinwild Home Meals Ministry
GPC organized a team of dedicated drivers from our congregation and from the local community. The drivers pick up the unused bread and baked goods daily, and the unused frozen meat once a week from Giant Eagle Express. The donated food is first taken to the GPC freezer and refrigerator. From there, the drivers take food to the Elfinwild Home Meals Ministry at Elfinwild Presbyterian Church several times a week. The goal is to have many drivers and limit the driving time needed to about one hour per day.

How can you participate?
We can always use more drivers – regularly scheduled drivers or substitute drivers. We invite you to join them in this important outreach ministry to help feed brothers and sisters in our local communities. Being a Christian brings with it the duty and the privilege of a lifetime of service.

To learn more, or to sign up to be a dedicated driver
Contact one of our dedicated drivers: Jimmy Martin, Henry Long, Mark Held, Ken Miller, Ray Hack, Tom Tabor, Jane Hackett or Duane McDonough.