Early Learning Center – Note to Parents

Fawn PignoliDear Parent,

Our staff members at The Early Learning Center at Glenshaw Presbyterian Church are thankful to serve your family by caring for your child. Your little one will develop confidently through his or her early childhood under our staff’s guidance and care. Each of us has unique strengths that will benefit your child’s early growth. At The Center, you will find a comfortable place where your child can explore and learn. You should find laughing, reading, and talking that will help your child’s language skills develop. Through play, you will see music, art, and science that will help increase school readiness. We will help your child have confidence in their abilities. They will have fun with and learn to be respectful of their friends. For the caregivers, safety always comes first. In every room, a staff member remains current in first aid and CPR/infant CPR. Throughout the year, we are also training in pertinent areas that increase our ability to help your child flourish.

In the spirit of community, we welcome all families to The Center. It is natural that we should form a partnership with parents in helping their young one along an exciting journey through childhood. Upon enrollment, we will have a “Getting to Know You” meeting. During this brief conversation, the partnership between the parent and the Early Learning Center will begin. You as their lifelong teachers, and we as their temporary caregivers, will work together for your child’s success. Each child is unique, and together we may find interesting techniques that will benefit your growing child.

As we aim to bless your work responsibilities and your family’s growth, we will focus on helping your child become the best they can be.

Thank you,
Fawn Pignoli