Service of Healing and Wholeness

Service of Healing and Wholeness

We will be having a Service of Healing and Wholeness at Thursday, June 6 at 7:00 PM. Our friends from Glenshaw Valley Presbyterian Church, Calvert Memorial Presbyterian Church, and Roots of Faith will be joining us for this service.

If you are not familiar with healing services, they are an opportunity to gather with others for a time of prayer, reflecting on scripture, listening or joining in the singing of hymns, and seeking God’s peaceful presence. We all have different backgrounds and different comfort levels when it comes to worship. This service is designed to meet everyone’s needs.

After a time of gathering, some scripture, and hymns, we will continue to worship in a few different ways:

  • We will be offering anointing with oil in the Sanctuary. This will be a brief moment of prayer and being anointed either on your forehead or hand with oil.
  • The labyrinth will be set up in the parlor allowing for a quiet and contemplative walk with God.
  • Finally, the prayer garden will be available for folks to sit in nature and either pray on their own or with someone waiting to join them.

You can participate in each of the stations, some of them, or simply sit in the sanctuary for a while.

It is our desire that folks encounter the Divine’s healing presence in this time of worship. We hope to see you there.