Pastor’s Pen

Rev. Sarah Robbins

On October 11, I began my service alongside you all as the Interim Pastor.  I am grateful for all the ways that the staff and congregation have made me feel welcomed!  In the first month of our time together, I have noticed a few things that I wanted to share with you all.

The first is an abundance of patience.  Even in the middle of pandemic life, I have noticed that you all are patient with one another as things constantly shift and need readjusting— as well as with me. Thanks for paying attention to how we can adapt worship, meetings, study and service so that we might all feel included.

The second is a sense of joy being together.  It brings a smile to my face (which you don’t get to see under the mask) when folks comment how great it is to see others they have missed, and to reconnect inside and outside the church building. You all care deeply about the well being of others— and it shows!

The third is a hope for the future.  I have been having one-on-one conversations with each of the elders on Session, as well as with members. In each conversation I have heard words of hopefulness about what is next in the life of this community of faith. Having weathered the pandemic life well, I look forward to each passing month as we will get a clearer vision of the tasks ahead to prepare for your next installed pastor. Be assured that there are good things on the horizon that God has yet to show us.

Friends in Christ, know that I pray for and with you all daily. Please drop me an  e-mail or call if you’d like a visit or to set up a chat!

Pastor Sarah