Early Learning Center – Policies

The GPC Early Learning Center is in compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. We are not for profit, and we are a service to the community. We are an equal opportunity employer, and all children from 3 months to 6 years old are welcome in our center. We are a Christian-based outreach and will operate in this manner.

Hours of Operation

The GPC Early Learning Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The Center is closed the following days in 2018:

Easter  Friday, March 30
Memorial Day Monday, May 28
Independence Day Wednesday, July 4
Labor Day Monday, September 3
Election Day Tuesday, November 6 (no school-age children only)
Thanksgiving Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23
Winter Break Monday, December 24 – Tuesday, January 1

In the event of an emergency including inclement weather, you must watch for delays or closing of the center. You will find this information on local news channels.

Summer Program

The GPC Early Learning Center hosts a full-day summer program for children ranging from the completion of kindergarten through the completion of third grade. Hours are 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Please call us at 412-487-5490 for more information. The summer program will run through the calendar summer of the Shaler Area School District.

Financial Arrangements

Upon enrollment, there is a $65 registration fee and a $45 registration fee for additional children. Weekly payment is due on the last day of the child’s week. Upon request, payment may be made bi-monthly. No bill owed may be greater than $500 on the first of each month. Full payment must be received before the child may return to the Early Learning Center. Please refer to our community contacts page for financial assistance if you are unable to pay for childcare. If eligible, we cooperate with the State of Pennsylvania for child care payment.

2018 Daily Rate

Part day
(less than 5 hours)
Full day
(5 hours – 9 hours)
Extended day
(more than 9 hours)
1 child $31.50 $37.80 $42
2 children $50.40 $64.05 $68.25
3 children $63 $85.05 $89.25
1 infant $42 $44.10 $49.35
1 infant, 1 child $64.05 $73.50 $77.70
1 infant, 2 children $80.85 $92.40 $96.60

There is a 4 partial day minimum or a 3 full day minimum for enrolled children.

If you do not sign your child both in and out at the touch screen, you will be charged a safety fee of $3.00 in addition to the daily fee.

For a scheduled partial day, a $5 rebate per family off of the daily charge will be given for children scheduled but not present. For a scheduled full day, a $10 rebate will be applied per once child or family absent; a $5 rebate will be given for one child off and sibling(s) present. There is a $15 + $1 per minute charge for children picked up after the 6:00 PM closing.

The infant rate is reserved for children from 3 months until 12 months automatically. However, you may want to include your 12 month up to 15 month aged child in the program as an infant. If your child is not ready to take a nap only at nap time and to eat snack and lunch only when served, the infant rate will suitably apply. Also, we are unable to heat food at the child rate.

All balances are due in full on the last day of the child’s week. Upon request, a balance may be carried to the end of the second week. Full payment must be received before the child may return to the Early Learning Center. On the 1st day of each month, if a family’s balance exceeds $500, the children may not come to The Center for care until that balance is paid. We need a Tuesday notice for a disenrollment for the following week. If you disenroll your child with an outstanding bill due to The Center, after 30 days, there will be a 1% charge added to your bill and a 1% charge added after every 30 days until the bill is paid in full.

Individual Care in a Group Setting

The GPC Early Learning Center is dedicated to caring for each child as a unique individual. However, if a child can experience little to no success in a group setting after the teacher has made reasonable accommodations and if that child cannot find success without direct and continual individual guidance, we may offer the option of one-on-one care during the time which that child is in the center. This may suitably apply but is not limited to a child who has an incapacitating injury, uncontrollable behavior, inability to discern safety measures, or the absence of the ability to pay attention. When the director and the parents/caregiver agree, a staff member will be placed in responsibility for that one child in the appropriate group setting at a rate of $15/hour in addition to the normal daily group rate.

Schedule of Time in Center

The church has designed The Center to be flexible to suit your needs. However, we must have your child’s schedule 1 week in advance. If you would like to change your child’s normal schedule, we must have these changes recorded by noon on Tuesday for the week following or the change will not likely be honored. We no longer accept flex scheduling for infants. Schedules are accepted by telephone, at the main desk, or by emailing the Director. Minimum attendance is for 3 full-days or 4 part-days. We offer families a maximum of 2 weeks of vacation in which a child can be taken off of the schedule and will not be charged for the week. Around a holiday, if we are closed, families must maintain their normal schedule or sacrifice a vacation week for less than their normal days.