Early Learning Center – Procedures


  • Label ALL items you leave at the Early Learning Center including jackets, hats, gloves, book bags, lunch boxes, bottles, pacifiers, medication, and blankets.
  • Please dress your child comfortably in weather-appropriate clothing. We would like an extra set of season-appropriate clothing to keep at the center. Please leave this in your child’s storage space.

Parent Communication

On the wall at the top of the main stairs, there are various pieces of information on the bulletin board and in the hanging files. You will want to look at all of the information available on the bulletin board in the hallway. There will be important information concerning our program in the center including currents events. We will post child and family community information. We will post church sponsored family and child events. You will find interesting information on topics including health and human services, wellness, nutrition and fitness, and child development.

We ask you to please communicate useful information, questions concerning your child’s development, or any range of concern to the director, administrative assistant, or your child’s lead teacher. You may set up an appointment or speak briefly in person when dropping off your child. Feel free to also communicate any range of issues by e-mail to the director of the Early Learning Center, Fawn Pignoli. Her e-mail address is .

Dropping off Your Child

When you bring your child to the Early Learning Center, you must drive up to the curb on your left-hand side. The parking lot is ONE WAY in front of and behind the Early Learning Center. Please drive slowly in this area! By law, you must turn off your unoccupied vehicle. Do not leave any siblings in the vehicle while dropping off your child. Ring the buzzer, and you will receive entrance. All adults must check their child in and out at the computer kiosk in the upper hallway. It is essential that you remain with your child until they enter their classroom and are greeted by their teacher. As a rule, do not prolong your goodbye and do not sneak out of the room. Neither will help your child with their transition.

Picking up Your Child

Please follow the same procedure for parking and entering the building. Upon entry, you may sign your child out at the computer kiosk. When entering the room or play yard, be certain the teacher acknowledges you are leaving with your child.

Food Policy

Please review the daily classroom schedule for lunch and snack times. Bring a lunch and drink for your child in a labeled lunch box if they are two years or older. When placing lunch in the refrigerator, slightly unzip the lunch box to ensure proper refrigeration. If your child is under two years old, label all food items and place either in the refrigerator or the top compartment of their cubby.

The church supplies a morning and afternoon snack for children in the center. The morning snack should not be considered breakfast and only infants are able to be served breakfast.

Birthdays and Holidays

Your child may celebrate his/her special day with their friends. You may bring in a snack for his group if you wish. You may want to ask at the desk for the amount of children in the room on a given day, and we will serve this treat during morning or afternoon snack time. Although a birthday treat is not necessary, the connection from family to child care will help to make a positive day for your child.

We enjoy decorating for and celebrating holidays. When possible, we will use song and story time to relate holidays to the children. As a Christian outreach, we will celebrate Christmas and Easter with our Savior in mind.

Occasionally at the center, we will have pajama day, hat day, water day, etc. These are children’s favorite. We will post this information on the monthly calendar. During local sports seasons – needless to say – every Friday is a “Black and Gold Day”!


We must have sunscreen for your child marked with their first and last name and a “sunscreen” medication log filled out each year. If you have two children in different learning groups of the center, please provide separate sunscreen for them. Please keep a labeled season-appropriate change of clothes available for your child in their storage area.