Early Learning Center – Health

Important Paperwork

Health forms, emergency forms and all forms in the children’s folder will be released to the parent at any time for review. Parents are encouraged to acquire their child’s entire file when the child has completed care at our Center. This may help with medical or educational questions in the future. You may also request your child’s educational and developmental records be sent to a primary school or other learning environment to help your child in their transition to kindergarten. As we learn methods to specifically benefit your child in positive development, we could share these findings with future educators.

Child Health Form

By law, every child under 24 months must have a current physical on file every 6 months, and every child 2 years and older must have one every 12 months. These forms must show proof of current immunization (see the GPC Early Learning Center Discipline and Health Policies for exemption) and they must have a physician’s signature.

Emergency Forms

All children must have a current Emergency Form completed with contacts and medical information. Every six months, you will be asked to review and update these important papers. A copy of the emergency form is kept in each room of the Early Learning Center.

The Authorization for Pick-Up form is a necessary inclusion in our emergency kit. Please include the names of adults who are authorized to pick up your child in an emergency.

Request of IEP/IFSP

If your child has previously been identified to qualify for supplemental services, we will ask for a copy of his/her IEP/IFSP. This paperwork will help us to understand methods of helping your child in their development. We will work with your family and others to help your child develop to their potential.

Health Hints

Please see the GPC Early Learning Center Discipline and Health Policies for complete information concerning our policies on medication, injury, and illness.


Any type of prescribed medication will only be used at the center if we have signed permission from your pediatrician. We will need a copy of the prescription. When medication is administered at the center, a log will be kept. Over-the-counter medication and sunscreen can be used if a form is completed with instruction for use. All medication must be given to your child’s teacher. You may not keep any medicine or cream in a bag on the shelf, in a lunch box, or in the infant’s bin. Mark the actual medicine or sunscreen container with your child’s first and last name.


If your child gets a minor scrape or bump, we will care for them. A note will be given to you when your child is picked up that day. If your child has an injury that requires medical attention beyond first-aid procedures, we will immediately work together to render the appropriate treatment. It is very important to keep your emergency file accurate. If needed, we will simultaneously call 9-1-1 while we are attempting to reach you. We will submit an accident report to you immediately or within 24 hours of the incident.


Do not bring your child to the center if he/she has been ill in the past 24 hours with fever, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. If a child appears ill, we reserve the right to refuse care for that day. You will know when your child is just too sick to be near otherwise healthy children. If your child becomes ill while in our care, you will be notified to pick up your child in a timely manner. If your child is feeling poor enough that they cannot participate with the daily activities of the classroom, then they likely need to be home in your care.