Sunday School

During the months of September through May, children from the age of 4 up through grade 5 gather in King’s Hall during the Education Hour (9:30 – 10:20 AM) each Sunday morning.

Here are some highlights from our 2016-17 Sunday School year:

  • During the season of Advent, the children worked side-by-side with the youth on the play New Star, which they performed at the early Christmas Eve service.
  • In January and early February, the children learned about Samson, Ruth, Samuel, and David. The children made picture books to encapsulate what they learned.
  • During the six-week season of Lent, the children learned about Jesus and what happened leading up to and after the crucifixion, and they did an Easter project.
  • In May, the children learned about the Holy Spirit and prepared for Pentecost.