Pastor Hancock elected Moderator of Pittsburgh Presbytery

Our pastor, the Rev. Dr. Trent Hancock, has been elected to serve as the moderator of Pittsburgh Presbytery in 2018.

Pittsburgh Presbytery is made up of 140 churches in Allegheny County – the fifth largest presbytery in the country. As moderator, Trent will preside over the meetings of the presbytery, serve on its executive committee, and moderate services of ordination and installation throughout the presbytery.

In addition, Trent will serve as one of 10 commissioners (5 ministers and 5 elders) from Pittsburgh Presbytery to the 223rd General Assembly held this June in St. Louis.

Here is Trent’s most recent Pastor’s Pen:

Dear Friends,

As a younger brother, I know what it’s like to live in the shadow of an older sibling. Maybe this explains why I’ve always been intrigued by the disciple Andrew whose primary claim to fame seems to be that he was Simon Peter’s brother.

Andrew gets few mentions of his own in the Bible. Usually he’s only mentioned when all the other disciples are mentioned, too. But there are a few notable exceptions: In John 6, Andrew brings to Jesus a boy with five loaves and two fishes. In John 12, he brings to Jesus a group of curious Greeks who wished to see the Master. And in John 1, Andrew brings his brother Peter and introduces him to Jesus.

It seems that Andrew specialized in introducing people to Jesus. He was the inviter, the introducer, the friend of Jesus who just had to share that friendship with others.

Before his ascension into heaven, Jesus issued what has become known as the Great Commission, commanding his followers to go into all the world and share the gospel, commanding his followers to be like Andrew and introduce others to Christ and his Kingdom.

One effective way followers today can introduce others to Christ and his Kingdom is to invite people to attend worship on Sunday mornings. Each one of us can invite a friend, a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker, someone new in the community, or anyone who may not have a church home to join us for worship. One of the most significant things we can do in life is to introduce another person to Jesus Christ.

It is a great privilege to introduce others to Christ by inviting them to attend worship. It is also good to invite church members who haven’t participated for a while. Helping someone re-connect with Christ is just as important as making a first-time introduction. Inviting a member to come to worship could be just the encouragement that person needs to “get back to church.”

It is in worship that we experience the movement of God’s Spirit in our lives. It could be a sentence of Scripture, a phrase in the sermon, a line in one of the hymns, an especially beautiful anthem, one of the prayers, or a moment of silence as we listen for God’s still small voice. It could be any of these or something else altogether that the Spirit will use to touch a worshiper in the deepest part of his or her being.

Worship is the most important thing we do as Christians. So, an invitation to worship is one of the most significant gifts we can give another person.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Just ask someone who may not know Jesus to come and see. Just ask people who do know him to come back if they haven’t been here for a while. If each of us is faithful to that task, lives will be changed as God’s Spirit moves among us!

In Christ’s Peace,