Summer Music

As the end of the program year approaches, we extend a big thank you to all our singers, ringers, and guest musicians who have enriched our worship with music. During the summer, our choirs will take a much-deserved rest before our new program year in September.

As in years past, we will welcome individual musicians and/or ensembles to provide music for worship during the summer months. There is no need to have music already selected. I can help provide suggestions and music if needed.

I will also lead a women’s ensemble and men’s ensemble during the summer. These ensembles are open to all members of the congregation. The women’s ensemble will sing on August 6 and the men’s ensemble will sing on June 25. Rehearsals for these two ensembles will be held the Thursday prior to their worship service.

We look forward to the many musical offerings during the summer months. If you are interested in participating, please drop me an or give me a call at 412-486-8400 ext. 113.  Thanks!

Justin Weilnau
Director of Music