Pastor’s Pen

Dear Friends,

During this season of Easter, we encountered a number of stories in worship about the ways the early church began to embrace their call to be disciples and to share the Good News, overcoming obstacles and their own reluctance and fear.

It got me thinking about the way Jesus called his disciples. He invites them to follow him by saying simply, “Come and see.” He doesn’t focus on what they must believe, or even on what they should do, but simply invites them to come along, to take notice, and join in the work of the Kingdom.

I know many Presbyterians are uncomfortable with the word evangelism. Some of us associate evangelism with a form of Christian witness that lends itself to street preachers, altar calls, and notions of converting others that run counter to our more reserved religious practice.

But have you ever noticed that evangelism has the word angel right in the middle of it? In the best sense of the word, to be an evangelist is to be a messenger of good news. We do that not only by telling the story, but also living our faith – by sharing the love, grace, mercy, peace and justice we have come to know in Jesus Christ – by being a visible witness in our community to the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Here’s something to think about: “73% of people who don’t attend church were never invited.”

This summer, I invite you to join me in pondering Jesus’ call to us to be disciples and Jesus’ call to us to be evangelists, sharing the good news of the gospel. Do you have a neighbor, or family member, or co-worker, or church friend who has fallen away from attending GPC, or a person whose path you cross regularly in your daily rounds who might simply be waiting to be invited to come to church?

All you have to say – in your own words, of course – is “Come and see.”

In Christ’s Peace,